MLB, College Basketball — Season Access Pass


MLB, College Basketball — Season Access Pass

Tackle the badge of Total Access and get every play on the Diamond, and Collegiate Hardwood Against The Number all season, each season, long.

JD Sharp — MLB & College Basketball

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Exclusive access to every MLB, and College Basketball play Against The Number all season long from baseball stalwart, and proven college basketball winner JD Sharp.

JD Sharp

JD Sharp has maintained a 65% or better win rate Against The Number the last 3 seasons betting Major League Baseball on average odds of -133 for each game bet.  He’s sustained the rate despite having at least one, and sometimes two games every day in a standard 162 game season.  JD is considered to be one of the best Major League Baseball handicappers in the country.

JD is also a college basketball specialist for Against The Number.  The last 5 years he’s maintained a winning percentage of 56% Against The Number wagering college hoops.  He wagers more sides than totals in the sport, and will issue anywhere from 20-40 picks Against The Number every week.

A specialist in future wagers of all kinds, JD had a sizable wager on LSU to win the 2020 National Championship at 60/1.  The wager was placed a week after the 2019 season ended.  JD touted the Tigers from week 1 on radio shows like Ken Thomson’s ‘SportsXRadio’ during a popular segment coined ‘Friday Football Fiasco’ featuring Ken, and college football specialist Brad Powers.

JD can be heard on the radio in Las Vegas Monday-Friday on 101.5FM/720 AM KDWN from 9AM-Noon during his popular show covering sports, politics, gambling, and entertainment “The Vegas Take”.


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JD Sharp