Ken Thomson

Ok, so ‘Bama sneaks in ahead of Ohio State and the other three, Clemson, Georgia & Oklahoma earn their way in the four team CFBPlayoff. Is it all fair? Until we get 8 teams or as many as 16 teams, we will forever argue over which Conference is better and who belongs.

In CFB we don’t have the luxury of a 30 game season like we do in CBB so we have to work with what we have. I would’ve liked to see ‘Bama not get in this year. Not because I feel Ohio State or USC is better but because the Committee could’ve sent a message to the BS scheduling that occurs in the SEC. Every other Conference plays 9 League games,
and the SEC plays eight. They tell us the Conference is the best but the scheduling by the top tier schools has to be changed. If we only have 12 game schedules let the NCAA regulate them so each team plays 6 home games & 6 road games or 6-5 and one neutral field game. No more scheduling an FCS team in week 11 like Alabama does every year before their rival game with Auburn. It’s just not right.

Many of the Big schools pay these smaller schools 1-2 million dollars to play a potential home game on the road instead. Naturally the smaller tier school agrees to help increase their budget in the Athletic Department. That money is a drop in the bucket to the bigger schools and that slants the playing field big time to the big boy Athletic programs.

How about monitoring the in Conference scheduling as well? How does one powerful school from one half of the Conference miss another powerful school from the other side of the Conference four straight years? There’s got to be some accountability or things will always be somewhat the same. Again, if you want to help out an FCS school by paying them to come to your house – fine – but do it in weeks 1-4 of the season, not prior to your last Conference game. It’s like another bye week on the schedule.

As far as the Playoff, it is evident by the lines on both semi-final games that these should be solid match-ups. The Rodney Anderson rape allegations pending on the OU RB have me on hold on that game for now and the Bama-Clemson rematch is indeed a toss-up.

As far as the rest of the Bowl games….lots of criteria goes in to these games and I won’t play a lot of them until the day before or the day of the game as so much can happen. Trust me you will see suspensions and even injuries in practices and maybe even second semester ineligibility in some schools. So kick-back, relax and let the Bowl Games come to you and if you’re doing it to make more than pizza money don’t play every game on the board. Pick and choose your spots. I will and I will use my connections at different venues to get a read and vibe on teams. Who wants to be there? Whose motivated to play? All of this criteria goes in to the Bowl Game Equation…..hoping to solve as many as I can!

So buckle up and let’s go back to an old time TV Show approach…..Bowling for Dollars!

Basketball Guy

Down to four teams now and you could not ask for two better games. Both right around Pick ‘Em and you have three teams playing their best football of the year – and the other is Alabama. You cant ask for more drama than that.

Or can you? I believe, and always have, that eight teams is the right amount for a playoff. You have five power conferences so each year you’re bound to have grumblings and unhappy factions. This year was tailor made for eight teams. The current four plus USC, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Central Florida. Somebody tell Scott Frost and his kids after the year they had they shouldn’t be in a tourney for all the marbles. USC and Sam Darnold are smoking hot and the Buckeyes are just now hitting their stride. Wisconsin was one drive away from a perfect season. Eight is not only enough, it is perfect.

Bowl season is here and plenty of teams still playing have sent their coaches packing. Some will be completely lost while others might be better off and the kids will rally with a big effort. Each situation will be different and will definitely create some betting opportunities. Between the long lay offs and the suspensions that always happen, putting together a bowl betting sheet is without question a tricky proposition.

But it is a good thing. By the time November rolls around, power ratings are pretty rock solid and you’re basically just situational betting. With more variables to factor, the bookmaker will definitely make some mistakes and we will be there to capitalize on them. There are about 40 games left and I have a good feeling were going to end this season on a positive note.

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