If Gladwell’s theory is correct, that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of a particular field, then our Golf Links Legends team may qualify for a doctorate.

Our team has over 50-years of playing and watching, providing media coverage, writing, betting, handicapping, winning – at all things in the world of golf. That is specialization.

Each of our specialists do what the other does not.  One focuses on matchups, the other on potential outright Tournament winners. The two truly complement each other.

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Specialist: Golf Geek

He earned a golf scholarship to D-1 University. Since college he has covered the PGA tour for CBS radio, as well as Fox Sports radio.  He has never had 1 season with less than a 60% win rate on golf matchups. Golf Geek does not focus on outright odds to win, instead he focuses head to head golf matchups, where he has turned into one of the best in the country.

His current winning streak is 28-6-2 in his last 36 picks. Golf Geek gives out tournament matchups, but his main focus in 18 hole head to head matchups. Typically he will give out anywhere from 1-5 pics a day.

Golf Geek is a scratch golfer himself, and the consummate golf enthusiast.


Specialist: Dennis Silvers

Known as “The Voice of Golf in Southern Nevada,” Dennis Silvers is a long-time golf talk show host that is heard on both radio and television. He is currently the host of the award-winning The 19th Hole Weekend Edition on KDWN Radio for Beasley Broadcasting in Las Vegas.
Dennis has hosted golf talk shows on ESPN Radio in Las Vegas, Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas, CBS Sports Radio in Las Vegas and on Sirius-XM Radio on PGA Tour Radio.  Dennis is the country’s ONLY golf talk show host that predicted Tiger Woods 11 year drought of not winning a Major Championship.
Dennis does his homework on both players, and courses, few know either better. His picks are mostly potential outright winners.  On any given Tournament weekend Dennis will have 3-4 picks on outright winners Against The Number.  To date he has a 33% win rate Against The Number on potential outright winners for any Tour event, or Major Tournament.