If Gladwell’s theory is correct, that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of a particular field, then our Golf Links Legends team may qualify for a doctorate.

Our team has over 50-years of playing and watching, providing media coverage, writing, betting, handicapping, winning – at all things in the world of golf. That is specialization.

Each of our specialists do what the other does not.  One focuses on matchups, the other on potential outright Tournament winners. The two truly complement each other.

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 ATN Specialist: Simon Holden

Simon Holden is one of the leading UK Sports advisors of the Internet age with 15 years of experience at the highest levels of tipping and sports media.  A lifelong sports nut and soccer player and poor but enthusiastic golfer Simon went to Liverpool University allegedly to study English and journalism but equally the world of sports betting.  He’s spent the last 30 years in the industry, and now he’s joining a service based in the states!


He ran subscription racing and golf services privately before joining online sports magazine Priceform as their Golf and Racing Tipster and features editor. He left to join the UK’S biggest Internet Sports betting Site Betfan as their Chief Tipster and columnist. Whilst there he teamed up with World series poker Champion Dave “ Devilfish” Ulliott to produce a legendary Saturday column and tipping service. He also presented Betfan tv for 5 years and developed a cult and loyal audience. It was whilst here he worked at Tip Tv and formed an integral part of the Betting 3 amigos with Nigel Seeley and Jamie Banks. They focused on Soccer , Golf and Horseracing.


Simon believes in telling it as he sees it on golf and writes in a direct engaging style. He has his own unique golf ratings system only available to his members. Whilst at Betfan his Golf Bets Profits selected Tommy 2 Gloves Gainey at a huge 200/1 to win the 2012 Mgladdery Classic @ Sea Island on the PGA Tour. He won and that at the time was the biggest priced selection winner from a UK Paid Tipster.


His main skill is catching players before the Books and 99% of the public realize with names like Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Tommy Fleetwood all being selected early in their careers at big prices.


Now in 2021 the story continues with his most exciting project yet as he looks to bring the PGA Tour and the European Tour to life with a brand new service. On any given week Simon will have as many as 18 plays combined (matchups and straight up) between both the PGA and European Golf Tour as the premiere golf specialist for Against The Number.


Stand by it is going to be one hell of a ride!