It’s That Time of Year Again!

It seems like just yesterday Kris Jenkins pulled up from about 32 feet and buried a bomb to cap off a Villanova title run in what was arguably the greatest finish in NCAA hoops history. Where does time go? College hoops is the greatest sport out there, bar none. What other sport can a Butler, Wichita, or George Mason threaten to win a championship? They must go through the big boys though, and the same old cast of characters are loaded up in the preseason Top 20; Duke, Kentucky, Villanova, Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Louisville, Indiana, etc.. Bottom line is the big programs with all of the money and facilities and TV games get the most blue chippers. That is why it is triple sweet when a Butler or VCU or St. Mary’s makes a deep run in March. It definitely warms the cockles of my heart. That being said, we are just looking for point spread winners. Doesn’t matter if we are backing a 23 point favorite or a 30 point dog, as long as we make that trip to the cashier window. We’re coming off of a fine season last year and I see no reason why the same handicapping principals we applied last year wont work again this year. Coach K looks like he has a loaded squad again as his recruiting class is second to none. They look like they deserve their preseason number one ranking. Kentucky is a solid number two in most polls but I’m not buying. You don’t lose your two best players and the heart and soul leadership of Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray and don’t have a major adjustment period. I’m looking to play against the Cats and Coach Cal early on as they are always a little over priced anyway. A couple of teams I’m looking to back early are Rhode Island and Nevada. Love Danny Hurley at Rhode Island and love Eric Mussleman at Nevada. You give great young coaches like these two guys personnel to work with and you should see some real good basketball. Anyway, College Hoops is almost here and there should be plenty of betting situations to take advantage of between now and early April. Enjoy the ride.


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