It is finally here. The Trilogy. Best of 3. Rubber match. What everyone expected is now just days away.

The defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers match up against the revamped, reloaded Golden State Warriors. I wrote in my preseason article that we all knew it would come down to these 2 juggernauts and now after a pretty poor NBA Postseason, we all have what we have been waiting for.

The Warriors are 12-0 in the playoffs and Mike Brown, former Cavs head coach, will most likely call the shots in the Finals. Is this an advantage for LeBron and Cleveland, or even motivation to face Brown – or does Brown have the slightest intel from the past that he can use against LeBron to help the Warriors? Cleveland comes into the Finals 12-1 but looks supercharged with the resurgence of Kevin Love who has played his best basketball this season in the past month. LeBron and Kyrie are the Batman and Robin we all expected and both teams are coming in hot!  Curry, Green and Durant have looked almost unstoppable while Klay Thompson has yet to fully show up like he is very capable of doing at any time, if not even just one quarter where we have seen him go for a streaky 20 or 30 points in just 12 minutes. If clicking on all cylinders The Warriors can’t be beat in a 7 game series.

Fire power vs Star power.  It comes down to match ups, the bench, and most importantly, defense. Expect a long series with the momentum changing sides nightly but an exciting end to the NBA Season. Can the Underdog Champion Cavaliers once again take down the high octane offense of the revenge-filled Golden State Warriors?

Most of the pundits are on Golden State but I like Cleveland’s chances if they stay healthy. The Warriors deserve to be the favorite but LeBron is the X Factor. I took The Cavaliers +230 to hoist the trophy and finishing it at home in 6 games.

It all starts June 1st.

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