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Against The Number is an elite team of sports handicappers who share one common goal, finding the profitable edge in a game, match, or fight Against The Number, and sharing that edge with our clients to make them money.

Our brand was founded by renowned handicapper and long time South Point bookmaker, Chris Andrews, in 2013.  The company has been a staple in the world of sports betting, and a headache for sportsbooks for nearly a decade.

The serivce features prominent handicappers like Ken Thomson, Noah Parker, George Gamble, Alex B. Smith, JD Sharp, Mick Yardley, and Simon Holden.

We provide handicapping services in the following sports:  NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, Soccer, NHL, and Golf.  We offer full  season, end of season pro rata, one month, one week, combination and one year specialist specific packages.

Plays are delivered to our clients via a state of the art email system.  The moment a specialist chooses a game it is instantaneously emailed to the client.

Every one of our specialists has mastered their chosen sports Against The Number. We have one or two premium specialists in each sport.  Our premium specialists by sport are as follows:

NFL – Ken Thomson

College Football – Ken Thomson

College Basketball – Ken Thomson and JD Sharp

NBA – Noah Parker

MLB – Mick Yardley and JD Sharp

Golf – Simon Holden

Soccer – George Gamble

NHL – Alex B Smith

MMA – Luca Fury


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