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Against The Number is an elite team of sports handicappers who share one common goal, finding the profitable edge in a game, match, or fight Against The Number, and sharing that edge with our clients to make them money.

Against The Number was founded by renowned handicapper and long time South Point bookmaker, Chris Andrews, in 2013.  The company has been a staple in the world of sports betting, and a headache for sportsbooks for nearly a decade.

Against The Number features prominent handicappers like Ken Thomson, JD Sharp, Frank Perez, Mike Davis, Mr. Football, Dennis Silvers, Basketball Guy, Noah Parker, and the Golf Geek.

Against The Number provides services by specialists in the following sports:  NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, Soccer, NHL, Golf, and MMA.  We offer season, weekly, monthly, combo, and  annual passes.

The name, Against The Number, comes from our commitment to providing our growing client base specialists Against The Number in a variety of sports. There is no one on our team that handicaps every sport.  It is our opinion that targeted specialization increases focus, expertise, and eventually leads to mastery.

Against The Number is not in the business of giving our customers one universal specialist.  We believe the ‘Master Of All’ philosophy dilutes commitment, knowledge, experience, and ultimately, results.  Every one of our specialists has mastered their chosen sports Against The Number.

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